There’s a six-month waiting period on eyeglasses and contacts just like other Vision Plan yeah and that’s not a long waiting period so you know it’s a real good idea once you’re on six months from now you can get Dentemax glasses and contacts very easily hearing coverage

I don’t know if anybody’s if you need hearing coverage Full Coverage Dental Insurance you’ve looked into what a hearing aid costs and they’re crazy on the amount that they cost but this will on the basics sixty percent want year one seventy percent year to eighty percent year three and then there is a month waiting period just like any hearing plan on a hearing aid or hearing aid repairs so you know again get on the clock and that’ll all be gone pretty quickly.

Full Coverage Dental Insurance
Full Coverage Dental Insurance

You’ll have coverage going forward so let’s talk about some frequently asked questions you know group or individual prodding it can be written any way and again this is pretty easy and flexible it’s guaranteed issue if you want it you can have it so it’s easy to do group eligibility you can have one dental policy or it could be part of a group effective dates will be the date that is stated on the schedule page not the date.

That the application and it’ll likely set up for the first the next month or will coordinator when you come into Medicare with your Part B whatever it may be and portable yes means once you have it it’s yours to keep they can’t get rid of you you could only get rid of them so let’s look at some of the rates.

Full Coverage Dental Insurance And Dental Helps

Dental Helps
Dental Helps

This is pretty important and this is easy to understand and and what’s good about this type of plan is it’s issue age rated so the rates you pay when you come in is the rate you’re going to Dental Helps keep so it’s going to stay with you there’s no increase based on age as you go so for instance if you’re coming into Medicare and you can see where the age ranges run they generally run in a ten year range from or maybe fifteen year range from forty to fifty four fifty five to sixty four sixty five to seventy four.

If you’re coming in then you’re gonna be right that top tier where you going to get that rate and then you’re gonna keep that rate so it’s not going to change when you turn so wherever you happen to come in is the rate that you’re gonna pay.

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