How To Buy Dentemax Insurance At Minimum Cost

Dentemax Insurance additional reimbursements and more certainty  Dentemax   you can opt for dental insurance. Do you only expect a check? Then you do not need dental insurance.


Do you often have holes or do you regularly visit the dental hygienist?

  • Then you are well insured with a Tand Small or  Medium. With a  Large, you are most extensively protected for dental costs.Are you insured with Pro-Life? Then just adjust your insurance through.

My Pro-Life. You immediately see the result for your premium. Are you not yet protected with Pro-Life?

  • You can read all about the reimbursements in the online reimbursements overview. A medical selection applies to the Tand Large. For this, you fill in some questions about the condition of your teeth. And the treatments to be expected.
  • Quickly go through some questions and discover easily which package best suits your answers.
  • We reimburse the most dental costs for children up to the age of 18 from the primary insurance. We compensate orthodontics from various supplementary insurance policies.
  • We reimburse a complete prosthesis (dentures) for the upper and/or lower jaw from the basic insurance. A statutory personal contribution applies to a prosthesis.
  • We reimburse this personal contribution from the supplementary insurance Extra Large poles. Do you not have an Extra Large poles, but do you have additional dental insurance? The reimbursement for the personal contribution is then 75% up to the maximum amount of your additional dental insurance.