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Fun Timers pretty substantial amount of time before you can move on to the next step because you have to wait for everything to grow and Fun Timers heal in your mouth and so that’s why it’s kind of like a long hefty situation right there so.

Fun Timers
Fun Timers

I went ahead and got Fun Timers the adult tooth pulled out and what they do is actually give you a they make a retainer that fits into your mouth so it’s a personalized retainer and there’s a little tooth inside that retainer so that you wear it and you look like you’re normal again so having this retainer and I’ll show it to.

You right now was life for me it’s so dirty I’m sorry but it looks like this you can see right here that is where my implant is and so when I would put this in you would smile and you mean you can kind of tell that you’ve got a retainer on but a lot of people wear like Invisalign and stuff so.

I was never worried about having this on um and I’ll talk more about the retainer a little bit later but anyways this is what he made firm and this is what I wore like every day all day long if I was ever out or talking to somebody I had to have that on so this was truly a savior for.

Me so basically after they pulled the cheese I had to wait for a certain amount of time I don’t remember what that was I want to say six months so I got the tooth pulled in December of last year and actually in January of On January th I found out that I was pregnant and that changes everything so.

I told my dentist that I was pregnant and he said well you’re going to need to wait until after you have the baby to get the next steps for your implant done because if anything were to happen if you were to get any type of infection from like the bone grafting or.

Whatever else they have to do you’re not going to be able to take any kind of antibiotics because you’re pregnant you don’t want to do anything to the baby so you’re going to have to wait until after baby comes and then you can literally come in the next day you can have.