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Physicians mutual dental insurance

Physicians mutual dental insurance to grow their insurance company where they’re out there selling their plans to.

Physicians mutual dental insurance
Physicians mutual dental insurance

 employers but I  will tell you be having wikipedia  on the other side of the fence is on.

the insurance company side I’ve often been in front of employers and employers.

will do what we call a geo access report and that geo access report shows all the dentists.

in a given area and it shows the access points for where their employees live it’s amazing.

when employees are in certain markets or certain zip codes that the.

Physicians mutual dental insurance

network don’t have coverage in at that point then insurance carrier for them to be able to sell them

insurance plan to that particular  employer they better have a dentist in that area because they need to service

their employees so the the the insurance networks understand that it’s important to have a good network a

large network  to service the people are holding their insurance policies so it’s not so not so dry generally I

really feel that they do value the dentist and they realize that they’re they’re not an insurance company

and they’re not a  network without the dentist so if I was going to send a message to the dentist’s out

there is be confident and who you are and the role that you play you’re not just a number and we are

representing you in that way as well very interesting to the last point I  want to talk about it is arguable to me the

complete dental insurance

most interesting is like a stat based guy is the coding issue we talked about before we got on the call you know

I’ve had practices that I you know we do the benchmark for our clients so we benchmark you know revenue

versus expenses and since the beginning of my company’s existence we’ve always wondered you know

what makes a practice that has you know fifty-five percent overhead versus a practice that mat has the percent

overhead versus a practice that has percent overhead what are the real differences on those practices and us

we’ve got great doc so we had great you know Pete histories and the  practices and for whatever reason it

seems like some practices are more profitable than others obviously the amount.