Truth Of Oral Irrigator

Truth Of Oral Irrigator

Oral Irrigator :- Sometimes brushing your teeth doesn’t really make your teeth clean. be rejectedin life communication And Oral Irrigator.


Oral Irrigator
Oral Irrigator

The charming smile stems from a neat white tooth. Many people want their teeth to be as white as jade. About 50% of people over the age of 18 in the United States have gingivitis , and about 70% of those over the age of 35. These numbers must surprise you! But in Asia, the proportion of people with this disease is higher.

So be sure to protect your teeth early. Dentists can clean tartar and treat dental problems for you, but daily prevention and protection is still on your own. The purpose is to whiten the teeth. Well, now living in what way law can be enough to help clean teeth, make teeth white and beautiful then?

     Brushing teeth

 Frequency: every morning and evening

 Toothbrush: Choose according to your personal preferences. There are filament soft brush, medium brush, hard brush

  Method: Brush along the teeth. In order, the tooth surface, the occlusal surface, and the inner side of the tooth should be brushed and cannot be missed. Do not brush your teeth quickly, so as not to brush your teeth thoroughly and cause bleeding gums .

  TimE: about three minutes

  Toothpaste: Fluoride can effectively prevent dental caries . You can choose fluoride toothpaste for people over 6 years old.

        Gum often bleeds , it is recommended to brush your teeth with soft silk. Brush the toothbrush twice a day, in a correct order, gently, gently and carefully.

  Frequency: No limit. After the meal, after eating sugar, drinking coffee, and drinks, you can do it.

  It is best to use tea gargle: the high polyphenol content in tea, the advantages of tea gargle

  The mouthwash is usually rinsed with water immediately after eating the food. It is a high-frequency, convenient and fast way to clean the mouth.


  Freuency: once in the morning and evening, it can also increase

  Mehod: The molars are the slamming of the upper and lower teeth.

  Chinese medicine there are “knocking teeth thirty-six”, “twilight knocking teeth, never without caries,” “knocking teeth pharynx Tianjin.”

  There are three main methods of caries, namely, squatting, heavy sputum, alternating light weight. In general, those with good teeth should be heavy, and those with bad teeth should be light and heavy. When you have dental caries, you need to calm your mind and naturally close your mouth. You must have 36 teeth in the first place, 36 teeth in the incisors, and 36 teeth in the wrong teeth. Finally, you will end with a tongue and a tooth on Wednesday and Friday. 

  Caries and pharynx: can tonify kidney and benefit Qi, that is, bite the teeth after the caries, use the tongue to stir in the mouth, stop stirring when the saliva is full, and then swallow it three times, and have the effect of nourishing the kidney and qi.

  Massage gums

  Frequency: 2-3 times a day

  Method: Wash your hands, rinse your mouth, use your index finger to massage the gums before and after, then move vertically.

  Time: 3-5 minutes